Wednesday, November 17, 2004


For the last couple of weeks, a thought has been asserting itself in my head, refusing to calm itself down and recede into the background. Nothing mystical about it, just a recurring personal imperative. After some years as a journalist, writer, editor, amateur songwriter, and other perhaps senseless pursuits, followed by some years of creative dormancy, this thought has arisen with ever-increasing urgency and frequency. I have decided to stop ignoring it, stop pretending it doesn't exist or doesn't matter. On some level, it matters very much.

The thought? As follows: RECLAIM YOUR VOICE.

There you have it. Just what exactly this voice has to say, I have no idea. I intend primarily to placate it by offering it a venue for regular exercise--a place where it might conceivably attract readers, but then again, it may babble on in isolation. A place to "publish" without getting too damn formal about it.

I will sign my postings "Greg," because that happens to be my name. I suspect my wife may contribute postings from time to time as well, but I'll let her explain her own motivations and choose her own signature. At this point, she knows nothing about what I'm doing. I think I've dreamed about this blog creation, but I can't be sure. Like most people, I can't be sure of much.

So now I suppose I've introduced myself--to someone or no one, or perhaps I've just resurrected my voice from the void. There will be more postings, directed to more specific subjects, in the future, though as the song says, "don't know where, don't know when." If you're out there, welcome.


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